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Learning Hebrew Through Songs 3 Posted by on Sep 8, 2020

Songs are a great tool for learning language. You can practice vocabulary and syntax while humming fine tunes. We already enjoyed quite a few Hebrew songs in our blog – check out the related posts’ list on the bottom. Today I want to introduce you a famous children song. The popular Hebrew nursery song called…

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6 Best Israeli Tunes of the Decade Posted by on Dec 23, 2019

Time flies (הֵזְּמַן טָס), and 2020 is just around the corner. It’s time to bid farewell to another tumultuous decade full of events. Wars end, trends change, leaders alternate, innovations revive, but music – the soundtrack to our lives – will always accompany us. New songs never replace the old ones, and there are songs…

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She’vet Achim Ve’achayot: A New Israeli Song Became a Hit Posted by on Nov 11, 2019

A new Israeli song, called שֵׁבֶט אָחִים וַאֲחַיּוֹת (A Tribe of Brothers and Sisters) was released in April this year and immediately became a huge hit. The song (שִׁיר) was produced through the initiative of the popular Galgalatz radio station (תַּחֲנַת רַדְיוֹ) operated by Israel Defense Forces Radio, in an appeal to encourage unity and consolidation. The producers…

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The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel Posted by on May 6, 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest (תַּחֲרוּת הַזֶּמֶר שֶׁל הָאֵירוֹוִיזְיוֹן) is an international song competition. Eurovision has been broadcast every year since its inauguration in 1956, making it the longest-running annual international television contest (תַּחֲרוּת). It is one of the most watched events, with audience (קָהָל) figures of between 100 million and 600 million internationally. Eligibility to participate (לְהִשְׁתַּתֵּף) in the contest…

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5 Israeli Eurovision Songs Posted by on May 8, 2017

Israel has preformed 40 songs since her first appearance in the Eurovision Songs Contest at 1973. Let’s listen to five of the greatest Israeli Eurovision songs:   Ahava Hi Shir Lishnayim / Ilanit (1977) Ilanit was the first Israeli singer to represent Israel at the Eurovision Contest in 1973. At the age of 25, with…

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Learning Hebrew Through Songs 2 Posted by on Sep 16, 2016

When it’s hot outside, the best way to cool off is to go to the sea. If you are too busy to go to the beach, or if you are living too far from sea, the best way to cool off is with a strong air conditioner and a good summer hit. Ha`Shalom Road (דרך…

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Learning Hebrew Through Songs Posted by on Sep 3, 2016

“On the Way Home” (בדרך הביתה) is one of my favorite Israeli songs. It was written and composed in 1998 by Israel Bright (ישראל ברייט), the soloist of Ha`semahot band (השמחות). 18 years later, I’m still enjoying the relaxed vibe of the song. [The link:]. The lyrics: בדרך הביתה / השמחות מילים ולחן : ישראל…

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