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The Ablative Case Posted by on Jan 9, 2010

Before we begin talking about the ablative case, the following words may prove useful: Here – यहाँ There – वहाँ In – अंदर, भीतर Out – बाहर Above/Over – ऊपर Under/Below – नीचे Behind – पीछे In front of – के सामने When an object or the subject of a sentence is moved from one place to another…

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Similar Looking Hindi Words Posted by on Jan 6, 2010

Some Hindi words look similar in spelling, but the meanings are actually quite different. Be careful of these words! 1 – quickly – अविलंब 1 – help – अवलंब 2 – generous – उदार 2 – loan – उधार 3 – multiplication – गुना 3 – crime – गुनाह 4 – sandal – चप्पल 4 –…

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Chutney Posted by on Jan 3, 2010

Chutney is actually a Hinglish word for चटनी. Basically Chutney is a term used to describe a side dish that accompanies a main dish. The side dish is usually in a wet, liquidy, or thick saucy form, but sometimes dry spices are used as well. Chutney is usually either sweet or spicy. Long ago Chutney was made…

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