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Shigmo Posted by on Mar 9, 2010

This month, a spring festival called शिगमो was celebrated in the Indian state of गोंय. The  शिगमो festival features traditional dancing, singing and festive parades. It is one of the most colorful and decorative parades. To see this festival in all its glory, view the videos below:

More Hindi Adjectives Posted by on Mar 6, 2010

Here are more adjectives that may serve useful: heavy – भारी light – हलका  slow – मंद quick – चंचल tall – लंबा short – छोटा fat – मोटा thin – पतला wise – ज्ञानी  foolish – मूर्ख more – ज्यादा less – कम beautiful – सुंदर ugly – कुरूप little – छोटा big –…

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Hindi Adjectives Posted by on Mar 3, 2010

There are two types of adjectives. The first type of adjectives are inflected for gender and number, meaning that the adjective has the same gender and number as the noun it modifies. Here is an example: The adjective “good” in the masculine singular is अच्छा. So, the phrase, “good boy” is अच्छा लड़का. The adjective…

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