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Cold Treats for the Summer Posted by on Jun 7, 2010

The summers in India can be unbearable. Here are some cool, Indian treats that can soothe your thirst and be delicious at the same time. Aam panna : is a drink made from green mangoes, sugar and various spices. The drink is light green in color, and is a popular drink to prevent heat strokes…

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Indian and South African Ties Posted by on Jun 4, 2010

South African President Jacob Zuma visited India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on a diplomatic and economic matter. The two countries hope that bilateral trade will stimulate the economies of both countries. India and South Africa share some commonalities like poverty, British colonialism and AIDS. The history of India and South Africa are closely linked. For…

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Indian Plane Crash Posted by on Jun 1, 2010

Last month, an Indian plane crash in Mangalore has made international news. The last time a plane crashed in India was in 2000. There were eight survivors and the stories they told of their experiences were harrowing. One man recalled a loud noise followed by flames. He survived by breaking a window and jumping out…

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