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The Strange One Posted by on Dec 6, 2016

Following on last week’s blog about the famous Hindi writer Mahadevi Varma (महादेवी वर्मा), I’d like to discuss another important Hindi literary figure this week: Nirala (निराला) (1896/99-1961). This writer, whose date of birth is not definitively known, was born Suraj Kumar Tevari (सूरज कुमार तिवारी) (later known as Suryakant Tripathi, सूर्यकान्त त्रिपाठी) into a…

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Mmmm … Mangoes Posted by on Dec 1, 2016

If you have ever been to a local market बाज़ार /मंडी (baazaar/mun-dee)  in India between late April/early May and September, you may have noticed baskets टोकरी (toke-ree) of golden yellow mangoes आम (aam) dominating the product displays. The mighty mango is a beloved fruit फ़ल (phal) in India, and also carries the unique distinction of being the country’s…

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