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I am Human, Just Like You (Main Insaan Hun, Tumhaari Tarah) Posted by on Jan 29, 2017

Following the events of this week, I thought it would be relevant to share a song that celebrates unity and peace. This song, entitled “जानेवालो ज़रा, मुड़के देखो मुझे/Jaanevalo Zara Mudke Dekho Mujhe” (Passersby, Just Turn and Look at Me) is from the 1964 movie, दोस्ती/Dosti (fem. noun, friendship). The film centers on the close…

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वर्णन करना : To Describe Posted by on Jan 27, 2017

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Varnan karna. When I teach writing to children लेखन (lekhan), I find that they struggle most with recalling and using descriptive words वर्णात्मक शब्द (varnaatmuk shubd). They have no trouble coming up with complicated पेचीदा (pay-cheeda) stories कहानियाँ (ka-haaniyaan). However, it is a constant challenge to offer detailed विस्तृत (vistrut) written sketches of characters पात्र (paatra) and accounts of scenes दृश्य (drishya). After all, a…

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In Honor of Women (Naariyon ke Samman Me) Posted by on Jan 24, 2017

Hello everyone/नमस्ते सब लोग (Namaste sab log)! My apologies (मुझे माफ़ कर दीजिए/Mujhe maaf kar dijiye, please forgive me) for not posting the previous week (पिछले हफ़्ते/pichle hafte)––I became very busy (व्यस्त/vyast) with other work, but now I’m back to talk about a very topical issue (मुद्दा/muddaa, masc. noun)! This past weekend, I participated in…

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गरम चाय की प्याली हो … Posted by on Jan 23, 2017

Garam chai ki pyaali ho … Aah, now if only I had a cup of hot chai … The history of tea is thousands of years old. Yet the humble cup of tea remains till date a beverage that can embody hospitality, provide relaxation from a tired day, be an excuse to meet and catch up…

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व्यायाम, कसरत, और खेल कूद Posted by on Jan 14, 2017

Vyaayaam, kasrat, aur khel kood. Exercise and sports. Note: सोमवार से मेरी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी … ज़ुकाम, बुखार, वगैरह। इस कारण मैं समय पर ब्लॉग लिख नहीं सकी। क्षमा चाहती हूँ। (Somvaar se meri tabiyat theek nahin thii … zukaam, bukhaar, vagairah. Is kaaran main sum-aye par blog likh nahin saki. Kshama chaahti hoon. I have…

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Tension Mat Lo, Bas Past Tense Sikho Posted by on Jan 10, 2017

The title of this blog, “Tension Mat Lo, Bas Past Tense Sikho” (“टेंशन मत लो, बस Past Tense/पास्ट टेंस सीखो”), means in “standard” Hinglish (a popular combination of Hindi and English used especially in North Indian cities today): “Don’t get tensed, just learn the past tense.”  As we move from one year to another and…

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अभ्यास और प्रयोग Posted by on Jan 7, 2017

Abhyaas aur prayog. Review and application. Last year पिछले साल (pichle saal) we हमने (humne) learned many new बहुत नये (bahut naye) Hindi (shabd seekhe). Why don’t we क्यों ना हम (kyon na hum) begin this year इस साल का आरंभ (is saal ka aarumbh) with a small quiz एक छोटी सी परीक्षा से करें…

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