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Tea, Coffee and Class Posted by on Jun 30, 2021


India is a land of caste जाति and class श्रेणी. Whether people realize it or not, they utilize class-conscious वर्ग जागरूक ways of behavior. For example, speaking in English, shows you are upwardly mobile उपरिगामी गतिशीलता. While Tapori is lower in status even though it has been gaining acceptance स्वीकृति प्राप्त करना by higher classes…

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For the Love of Coffee: कॉफ़ी के प्यार में Posted by on Jan 23, 2018

I’m sure most of you have heard countless times about the obsession India (mostly North India) has with “chai” (चाय) or tea. But, as an American who LOVES coffee, I must desist from rehashing a trite discussion of the various forms of “chai” and instead devote this blog to India’s time-honored and burgeoning fascination with…

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