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Bandra – Then and Now Posted by on Mar 28, 2022

Bandra, Mumbai is a bustling suburb on the west coast पश्चिमी तट of Mumbai city. Waves लहर from the Arabian Sea pound Bandra’s shores day दिन in and day out, bringing landlocked घिरा residents to her beaches सागरतट and waterfront तट promenades. I grew up in the sleepy suburb उपनगर in the seventies and eighties…

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The Kolis Posted by on Jun 9, 2021

A short distance दूरी from the house I grew up in, is a little fishing village गाँव called Danda Koliwada. The village is so close that every afternoon दोपहर the smell of drying fish मछली comes wafting into  the open windows खुली खिड़कियाँ of my home. The Kolis, as these fisherfolk मछुआरों are called dry…

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