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The Gujarati Thali Posted by on Feb 26, 2022

The Hindi word ‘Thali’ refers to a plate. However, it can also be used interchangeably दूसरे के स्थान परto mean dish, just like in English, the word dish can mean a corning ware dish or a food item खाद्य सामग्री, like a pie. The thali is a staple मुख्य उपज dish in many states on…

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The Ubiquitous Thali Posted by on Feb 21, 2022

A Thali

My daughter बेटीnasked me which type of Indian cuisine भोजन was my favorite पसंदीदा. I had to think about it for a second. I am a foodie खाने का शौकीन and being Indian, it is hard to choose चुनें as each state राज्य has its own favorite dish. I asked if I could list at…

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Things around the Kitchen Posted by on Mar 29, 2017

Photo by: Nitya Ramanan

It’s spring season  (vasant rutu) and I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen (rasoi ghar), trying out recipes with fresh produce from the farmer’s market. This set me thinking about the variety of tools (yuntra) and utensils (bur-tan) that one uses in the kitchen, and brought me to my next blog topic: things around the…

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