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Music and Dance in Java Posted by on Feb 8, 2018

Music and Dance in Java

Music and dance are huge parts of Javanese culture. Whether you’re taking in an angklung performance in Bandung, watching traditional dance at the Kraton in Jogja, or seeing the amazing Ramayana ballet at Prambanan, you’re bound to experience a lot of music and dance in Java. See some highlights of music and dance from all…

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Yogyakarta in 60 Seconds Posted by on Sep 25, 2017

Yogyakarta in 60 Seconds

Yogyakarta – or Jogja as it’s known to many –  is an educational and cultural hub. It’s also a very popular tourist destination on Java. There’s so much to see and do here, from exploring a sultan’s palace, to taking in a performance of wayang kulit (shadow puppets), to climbing atop the world’s largest Buddhist…

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All About Jogja Posted by on Sep 20, 2017

All About Jogja

When it comes to traveling on Java, the most popular tourist destination is far and away Yogyakarta. Or is it Jogjakarta? Or Jogja? We’ll get to the name in just a second. This city is a fascinating place to visit with lots to offer. Ancient temples, a palace, a castle, art, music, food, nightlife, and…

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Java Highlight Reel Posted by on Apr 26, 2017

Java Highlight Reel

Big cities, a vibrant culture, ancient temples, natural wonders, and epic adventures. Here are the highlights of Java. Take a whirlwind tour of Indonesia’s most populous island in this short video, featuring active volcanoes, the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, and the bright blue fire of Kawah Ijen.

Highlights of Traveling in Java Posted by on Apr 19, 2017

When it comes to islands, Java is a behemoth. It’s high up on the list of the world’s biggest islands in terms of size. Java is home to over half of Indonesia’s population (around 145 million people) as well as the capital city. In fact, it’s the most populous island on Earth. Java very much dominates the…

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I Love You, Indonesia Posted by on Feb 29, 2016

I Love Indonesia

I’m in love with Indonesia, and I don’t care who knows it! See why I love this amazing country in this short video, and then tell us why YOU love it! There’s a lot I love about Indonesia. The landscapes – volcanoes, rice terraces, rushing waterfalls, beautiful mountain sunrises, empty white sand beaches, and amazing…

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Ramayana Ballet Video (2/2) Posted by on Mar 25, 2015

Check out the second half of the Ramayana ballet highlights. An army of monkeys does battle with the evil king and his forces, with the monkey general even burning down the entire kingdom. Is there a happy ending? Find out by watching!

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