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Present Negative Posted by on Oct 10, 2009

Now that we’ve gone over the present affirmative tense of both RU and U verbs, lets try conjugating these verbs in the negative present tense. Dictionary form: okiru (おきる)(起きる) to get up Present Affirmative: okimasu (おきます) Present Negative: okimasen (おきません) Dictionary form: akeru (あける) (開ける) to open Present Affirmative: akemasu (あけます) Present Negative: akemasen (あけません)…

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Word of the Day Links Posted by on Oct 7, 2009

Click on the links to hear the words and see them in context. 1) 運 (luck) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=05-19-2009 2) レストラ (restructuring, downsizing) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=05-20-2009 3) もめる (to have a disagreement) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=05-27-2009 4) 中年 (middle age) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=06-02-2009 5) 勿論 (of course) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=06-04-2009 6) いける (to taste good) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=06-23-2009 7) うける (to be popular, be funny) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/japanese.htm?date=06-24-2009 8) 節約する…

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Japanese Vocab Posted by on Oct 4, 2009

All these words will be from the Word of the Day. Try to figure out what these words mean. 1) 運 2) レストラ 3) もめる 4) 中年 5) 勿論 6) いける 7) うける 8) 節約する 9) おやすみなさい 10) 素人 11) 磨く 12) 習う 13) 癒す 14) きれる 15) やばい

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