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Japanese Instruments Posted by on Aug 7, 2010

Way before guitars and violins were introduced to Japan, Japanese music was dominated by traditional Japanese stringed instruments such as these: A Koto (箏) is a 13 stringed instrument made of wood. The koto has 13 bridges, which can be moved around to change the sound. A Shamisen (三味線) is a three stringed instrument played…

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Atomic Bomb Memorials Posted by on Aug 4, 2010

August 6th 1945 was when the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was dropped and August 9th 1945 was when the atomic bomb on Nagasaki was dropped. To honor those who suffered and died during the bombings, many memorials in Japan exist and allow visitors to pay their respects. The Genbaku Dōmu (原爆ドーム) was intact, although in…

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August Festivals Posted by on Aug 1, 2010

Before the summer comes to an end, here are some Japanese festivals that take place in August : The Nebuta Festival (ねぶた祭り) is a large lantern float festival that is said to have originated from a fedual lord’s desire to make his army seem larger and intimidating Yoshida No Hi Matsuri (吉田の火祭り) is known for…

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