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Living with a… Volcano? Posted by on Jan 26, 2012

As indicated in my last entry, I live in 鹿児島(かごしま/Kagoshima), which is very close to 桜島(さくらじま/Sakurajima), an active 火山(かざん/volcano). Actually, an active 火山 that is getting more and more active as the years go by. Unsurprisingly, this affects our day to day lives in many ways, but it’s all due to one factor: volcanic 灰…

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桜島 Sakurajima Posted by on Jan 15, 2012

I’m lucky that my current home in 鹿児島 (かごしま/Kagoshima), in southwest Japan, has a good view. Then again, maybe it isn’t luck, as most people plan their houses to have at least one window/balcony with a view of Kagoshima’s most famous sight, 桜島 (さくらじま/Sakurajima). Originally a volcanic island, Sakurajima has been pretty active for as…

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はじめまして! Nice to meet you! Posted by on Jan 5, 2012

Volcanic Sakurajima

はじめまして(Hajimemashite)! My name is Marcel and I have been handed the reins for the Japanese Language Blog. I have been writing a lot to family and friends about my life in Japan, so it’s a good next step to take what I’ve learned and seen to a more public stage. With Erika, my wife, I…

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