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Getting Sick Posted by on Feb 15, 2012

Sorry for the length of time between posts, but I got 病気(びょうき/sick) last week and then family stuff arose. I decided to write a little bit about being sick and going to 病院 (びょういん/hospitals) in Japan (note the repeated use of 病 for both sickness and hospital). Since it is a modern country, being ill…

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Getting Sick (part 2) Posted by on Feb 10, 2012

Japanese prescribed medicine

Last time I talked about going to the doctor when you are 病気(びょうき / sick), so today I will talk about what the doctor will prescribe. Once you’ve seen the 先生 (せんせい / doctor), he will likely prescribe you some 薬 (くすり / medicine). All 病院 (びょういん / hospitals) and クリニック (clinics) have their own 薬屋 (くすりや…

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