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Let’s learn the colors! Posted by on Mar 31, 2013

The word for “color” is 色 いろ(iro). Black 黒 くろ (kuro) Blue 青 あお (ao) Red 赤 あか (aka) Green 緑色 みどりいろ (midori) Sky Blue 水色 みずいろ (mizuiro) Brown 茶色 ちゃいろ (chairo) White 白 しろ (shiro) Pink 桃色 ももいろ or ピンク (pink) Purple 紫 むらさき (murasaki) Yellow 黄色 きいろ (kiiro) Orange オレンジ色 (orenji iro) Grey 灰色 はいいろ (haiiro) Gold 金色 きんいろ (kiniro) Silver 銀色 ぎんいろ (giniro) So…

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10 things I love to do in Tokyo Posted by on Mar 26, 2013

1.) Buying drinks from vending machines: I love those vending machines 自動販売機 (ji-dou-hanbai-ki). You can find them everywhere and the variety of drinks they sell is amazing. I heard there are also vending machines that sell bananas バナナ(banana). That’s so crazy. According to the internet they are named “Bobby Banana” and are sold by Dole…

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How to tell the date in Japanese Posted by on Mar 20, 2013

As I have mentioned in my last post, the basic counting in japanese is very important. Not only to tell the time but also to say the date. Let’s start with the days of the week: To learn the days of the week is quite simple. The days of the  week are named after an…

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