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8 Must Know Japanese Kanji’s related to Body Parts Posted by on Aug 17, 2018

“The Limits of Your Language are the Limits of Your World.”~Ludwig Wittgenstein~   Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying learning Japanese on a daily basis. 🙂 When it comes to learning Kanji’s, I believe the best way is to group them in a categories where you can learn a handful of them at the…

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What is Japanese Obon? Posted by on Aug 13, 2018

Knowledge of Language is the Doorway to the Wisdom. ~Roger Bacon~    Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the month of August (Hachi gatsu, はちがつ,八月) . Hard to believe it’s already August where I feel like summer (Natsu, なつ, 夏 ) is approaching to the end, and we are about to start the fall (Aki…

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