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What a Little Sweet Snoozing Can Tell You Posted by on Jul 30, 2021

Inemuri (居眠り), snoozing, is one of the Japanese cultural traits.  Students fall asleep in class. People snooze on a train.  Members of the Diet (国会議員 kokkai giin) snooze during a session.  Local assembly members (地方議員 chihou giin) snooze during an assembly meeting. Wikipedia refers to it as “a custom that is notably seen in Japan.”…

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Kominka – a future for disappearing villages? Posted by on Jul 21, 2021

Kominka (古民家) – a traditional Japanese old house. A new fad that came about in the pandemic Japan was to escape (逃げる nigeru) from big cities and live in a rural area (田舎 inaka). The COVID-19 pandemic made many people realize that they did not need to live near the big cities and endure a…

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