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Christmas in Japan Posted by on Dec 20, 2021

I know I should write something about New Year in Japan. But I wrote about 年賀状, 除夜の鐘 ,福袋andお節  present and past last year. So I am going to focus on Christmas in Japan. https://blogs.transparent.com/japanese/new-years-cards-年賀状/ https://blogs.transparent.com/japanese/a-month-even-a-priest-must-run-part-1/ https://blogs.transparent.com/japanese/a-month-even-a-priest-must-run-part-2/ For a non-Christian country, Christmas is a huge event even though it is not a holiday (祭日saijitsu) in Japan…

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Japanese Culture: Christmas in Japan Posted by on Dec 22, 2008

Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan.  Nevertheless, some people still find time to celebrate Christmas, even after a long day at work.  The Japanese have a tendency to take a tradition and make it uniquely their own.  Some of the things that I’m going to mention in this post are going to sound…

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