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Japanese Culture: Kenkoku Kinen no Hi (建国記念の日) Posted by on Feb 8, 2009

Kenkoku kinen no hi (建国記念の日) is a national holiday celebrated every year in February.  When translated into English, kenkoku kinen no hi (建国記念の日) means ‘National Foundation Day’.  Kenkoku kinen no hi (建国記念の日) is a day celebrating the creation of Japan as a nation under the emperor Jimmu (神武天皇).  It’s a day of patriotism for many…

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Japanese Culture: Tennoo Tanjoobi (天皇誕生日) Posted by on Dec 19, 2008

What is Tennoo Tanjoobi (天皇誕生日)?  Tennoo Tanjoobi (天皇誕生日) is a national holiday in Japan.  Translated in English, it’s the Emperor’s Birthday.  Which emperor are we talking about here?  It’s the current and living Emperor Akihito (明仁).  Emperor Akihito (明仁) was born on the 23rd of December.  As a result, every year on the 23rd of December…

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