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Yes or NO – tag questions Posted by on Oct 21, 2021

This time, I am going to talk about tag questions (付加疑問文 fuka gimonbun).  I know that  these are confusing to Japanese students learning English, and I bet the Japanese learners must be sharing the same confusion (混乱 konran). So what is a tag question in English? You didn’t go to see the movie last night…

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Be careful not to be ディスられる by trying to be hip Posted by on Mar 24, 2021

In the last blog (Flattening Accents), I wrote about the trend of flattening accents.  I am going to list more language trends (トレンドtorendo) among Japanese young people in this blog. Combine English words+ suffix ru  バズる   (buzz + ru) = to go viral ディスるor disる (disrespect + ru) = to disrespect ググる  (google + ru) = to…

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The Cemetery Posted by on Sep 28, 2012

Unlike カナダ (Canada) and many western countries, the 春 (はる/spring) equinox and 秋 (あき/fall) equinox are national holidays in 日本 (にっぽん/Japan). Many people use this time to go to the 墓地 (ぼち/cemetery) to pray for their deceased family members and relatives. While the 夏 (なつ/summer) Obon holiday is perhaps the most popular time to go…

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Shochu Posted by on May 20, 2012

島娘 (Shimamusume), one of 鹿児島's most popular brands of shochu.

今日 (きょう/Today) I’d like to talk a little about my favorite Japanese alcoholic beverage, 焼酎 (しょうちゅう/Shochu)! This is not the traditional 酒 (さけ/sake) that many people order when they go to a 日本料理 (にほんりょうり/Japanese food) restaurant in another country. 酒 can be translated as rice wine, but the word is commonly used to describe any…

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