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preposisjoner i bruk Posted by on Sep 27, 2009

prepositions in use.  That’s what we’re going to go over today.  In the last post I explained the role of a preposisjon and gave many eksempler.  Now I think it is appropriate to highlight preposisjoner in sentences so that you can see how they are used.  It’s hard to say much without using a preposisjon and…

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Preposisjoner Posted by on Sep 25, 2009

Prepositions.  You knew the post was coming at some point.  You can’t talk or write for too long without using preposisjoner, so I better teach you them!  The following is Merriam-Webster’s definition of a preposisjon: : a function word that typically combines with a noun phrase to form a phrase which usually expresses a modification…

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Hvor mye vet du om Norge? Posted by on Sep 21, 2009

How much do you know about Norway? I thought it would be fun to learn some interesting facts that you may not have known about Norway. Visste du at (Did you know that) Norway’s kystlinje (coastline) is about 25,000km/15,500 miles long? Visste du at Norway has more than 45,000 øyer (islands) within it’s domain? Visste…

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kjærlighet Posted by on Sep 19, 2009

Love.  How could I forget the importance of knowing how to discuss love, dating, etc. in Norwegian?  These kinds of things usually peak interest in beginning foreign language students.  It’s nice to be able to ask someone out on a date and then to be able to ask them about their interests when you are…

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Familie Posted by on Sep 16, 2009

Family.  I have not yet written a post about familie and I think knowing how to talk about the different members of a family is a good thing.  It’s nice to know the word for all of the family members and then to be able to ask questions and reply to questions with answers with…

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EXIT-program Posted by on Sep 14, 2009

Following the global trend, menneskehandel (human trafficking) and sexkjøp (purchase of sex) are increasing in volume in Norway.  Several years ago, the Norwegian government created a plan of action called ‘Stop Human Trafficking’ aimed to combat all forms of human trafficking, domestically and internationally.  The measures included granting victims 6-month residence permits, allowing free legal counsel…

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arbeid Posted by on Sep 10, 2009

work.  I must say,for those of us who have it, arbeid is something we should be very grateful for today.�  There are so many people who are arbeidsløse (unemployed).  In Norway, the rate of arbeidsløse people is going ned (down) and is much lower than most countries, but it is still en bekymring (a concern).  In…

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