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Picking berries in Norway Posted by on Aug 10, 2010


Oh how I love to plukke bær (pick berries).  Believe it or not, I refused to eat frukt (fruit) up until college.  It was something about the texture that I absolutely despised.  To this day, I will never understand how I went 18 years without liking frukt.  I drank fruktjus (fruit juice), but that´s certainly…

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Norwegian Labor Rights Posted by on Aug 3, 2010

Although jeg har ikke begynt å jobbe (I haven´t started working) yet (and probably won´t  for another month-I finally applied for my arbeidstillatelse (work visa) today, I have the sense that there can´t be many other countries in the world that boast the kind of labor laws that Norway does. The Norwegian arbeidsdag (work day)…

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Are Norwegians cold people? Posted by on Aug 2, 2010

I´ve been asked many times if Norwegians are cold people-you know, hard to warm up to.  I´ve also been told by many people that this is the case.  I have found that the answer to this question depends on where in Norway you are.  I also don´t have a perfectly clear answer because when I…

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