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Norwegian-American Dating Reality Show Posted by on May 29, 2011

There are 9 norske deltakere (participants) in an upcoming reality tv-show series that Nordisk Film TV will present about Norwegian Americans looking for kjærlighet (love). Single Norwegian Americans from the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, San Fransisco, and Seattle areas were encouraged to send in a søknad (application) to be a deltaker in the show.  Criteria for…

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Norwegian Sign Language Posted by on May 28, 2011

I learned the sign language alphabet when I was in grade school, but since then I have not invested more time in it.  I don´t actually know any deaf people, so I guess that´s my justification for not having learned it.  However, I have worked several jobs for which knowing sign language would have come…

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Wild Mushrooms in Norway Posted by on May 20, 2011

Sopp is the Norwegian word for mushroom.  I have enjoyed eating various kinds of sopp for a while now, but it wasn´t until recently that I became interested in å jakte på sopp (going mushroom hunting), particularly morels.  I don´t believe morels grow in Norway, but they are very plentiful where I live.  I…

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Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet-Norwegian National Anthem Posted by on May 19, 2011

Gratulerer med dagen, Norge! Happy Birthday Norway! Tuesday was Norway´s 197th birthday-the first being May 17, 1814 when the Constitution was signed at Eidsvoll.   Syttende Mai (pronounced ´soot (like ´foot´)-ene-my´is the largest celebration in Norway all year long.  Families and friends gather to eat, drink, and show their patriotism for their country.  Of…

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Norwegian Woodcarving Posted by on May 14, 2011

17. mai (syttende mai), the 17th of May, Norway´s Constitution Day is approaching.  This coming Tuesday Norwegians will celebrate the day their Constitution was signed in 1814.  It is a day to celebrate together with family and friends by enjoying delicious food, attending parades and parties, and appreciating Norwegian traditions.  A tradition that I…

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Get out the pølse-grilling season is here! Posted by on May 12, 2011

As I often do, I must begin this post with a brief comment about the weather where I live.  In case anyone doubted that the climate in MN is one of the most variable in the world, check out the weather reports from last week and this week.  Early last week we saw what…

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Norway Ranked Again the Best Place for Mothers Posted by on May 10, 2011

For the second year in a row, Redd Barna (Save the Children) ranked Norway the best place for women and children according to it´s health, economic and educational standards.  Afghanistan was ranked the worst.  It´s certainly no surprise that Norway ranks #1.  Educated nations typically have the highest health standards and Norway is no exception…

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