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Land of trolls Posted by on Jun 29, 2013

”Where can we see the trolls?” The two turister (tourists) from Asia looked surprised when I explained them that trolls were rather hard to find in the Norwegian natur [naTOOR]. I was working in a museum souvenir shop where the shelves were full of miniature reindeer, elks and … trolls. No wonder that they thought…

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Lying, sitting, standing Posted by on Jun 20, 2013

Do you know teatersport? It’s basically a kind of unscripted theatre, where you and your mates pick an øvelse (exercise) or ”set-of-rules” and use it to make a scene that’s totally improvised. I love to take part in creative collaborations like that, and one øvelse always makes me think about Scandinavian languages… It’s called sitte…

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