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What’s in a flag? Posted by on Jan 30, 2014

Det er Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått! That’s Norway in red, white and blue! So many Norwegians sing on 17. mai, Norges nasjonaldag. As the text shows, Norwegians love their flagg. On festive occassions, such as skirenn (ski races) and bursdager (birthdays), they’ll fetch their little handheld fabric flags and wave them energetically…

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Eating Norwegian Posted by on Jan 26, 2014

In the online comic ”Scandinavia and the World”, the Norway character is often accompanied by a fisk (fish). Traditionally, maten i Norge (the food in Norway) has indeed been dominated by fisk – as well as poteter [poTEHTer] (potatoes). Although modern Norway is full of hurtigmat (fast food), many people still think it’s important to…

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Huts of Norway Posted by on Jan 10, 2014

A couple of Norwegian friends and I recently shared the fun and excitement of walking to a hytte på fjellet (a hytte in the mountains), and it struck me I hadn’t written anything about hytter… En hytte (or ei hytte) translates as ’a hut’, ’a cottage’ or ’a cabin’. It’s basically a small house that…

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