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A Trip to Trondheim Posted by on Oct 31, 2014

Trondheim [TRONN-hime] is the third-largest city of Norge (following Bergen and Oslo). I recently had the chance to visit it and thought I’d share a bit of denne vakre byen (this beautiful city) with you. Trondheim is the capital of Trøndelag, a historical region that links the remote Nordnorge (Northern Norway) to the rest of…

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Veries Posted by on Oct 27, 2014

To say something is ”very something”, the ordinary Norwegian word to use is veldig [VELdee]: • Det er veldig flott på fjellet. It is very beautiful in the mountains (literally: on the mountain). • Du synger veldig bra! You sing really well! Another common word is kjempe [beware of the special Norwegian ”kj” sound, it’s like…

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