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Time وخت Posted by on Jun 30, 2011


Pashtoons do not place as much emphasis on time as compared to other parts of the world, particularly the Western world where every task is performed in a timely fashion. Still, there exist certain significant activities that have to be performed at a scheduled time, such as offering prayers five times a day and going…

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Business تجارت Posted by on Jun 15, 2011

Gave me a forged check. هغه ماله يو جعلی چيك راكړو He issued a post-dated check to delay the payment. هغه په ادايګۍ كښې د ځنډ كولو د پاره د يو راتلونكی تاريخ چيك وركړو. A bearer check is like a currency note. اے بی ار ر چيك هم د يو نوټ شكل دے. The…

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