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Time time Pashtoons do not place as much emphasis on time as compared to other parts of the world, particularly the Western world where every task is performed in a timely fashion. Still, there exist certain significant activities that have to be performed at a scheduled time, such as offering prayers five times a day and going to the field to take part in the agricultural activities. Some model sentences pertaining to time have been depicted in the following table.

English Pashto
Time is money وخت قيمتی دے
Time once lost is never regained. تير وخت بيرته نۀ راځی
Always catch the time by forelocks. همېشه د وخت صحيح استعمال كوه
You have no value for time تاسو سره د وخت څه قدر نشته
It seems that time hangs heavy on you داسې ښكاری چې تا نه وخت نۀ شی تيرېدے
Once should be opportunist هر چاله موقع پېژندل پكار دی
Never miss a chance چرې موقع د لاسه مه وركوه
He came in the nick of time هغه بالكل په صيحې وخت راغلو
He does his work at the eleventh hour هغه كار په وخت راتللو كوی
Time and tide wait for none وخت د چا انتظار نۀ كوی
Always reach office in time همېشه دفتر ته په وخت رارسه
You left the office before time تۀ د وخت ختميدو نه اګاهو له دفتر نه لاړې
Your claim is time barred ستا د كليم د دعوې وخت ختم شوې دې
Please do not waste your time مهربانی اوكړه، خپل وخت مۀ بربادوه
Come what may, I will reach there in time كۀ هر څه وی خو زۀ به هلته په وخت رسم
During winter, days are shorter than nights. په يخنۍ كښې د شپې په مقابله كښې ورځ وړۀ وی
Always get up early. همېشه زر پاسه
Early to bed and early to rise: Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise زر اودۀ كيدل او وختی پاسيدل سړے تندرست، مالدار او هوښيار جوړوی.
The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. نمر سحر راخيژی او ماښام پريوځی.
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