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Las Posadas Songs Posted by on Dec 31, 2007

Posadas is a wonderful Mexican holiday that brings neighbors and friends together for nine festive nights of singing and eating. Beginning December 16th and continuing through Christmas Eve, Posadas reenact the experience of Joseph and Mary as they wandered from house to house, looking for shelter (Posada means inn in Spanish) Traditionally, participants gather together…

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The History of the Piñata Posted by on Dec 27, 2007

As the holiday season comes upon us, I felt it timely to clear up a misconception about the piñata.The piñata is widely viewed as a Mexican diversion and has become an indispensable attraction in children’s birthday parties throughout the world.However, in Mexico the piñata makes its most important appearance, not at birthday parties, but…

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The Meaning of “Ahorita” Posted by on Dec 18, 2007

I have learned a curious thing about the word ahorita since living in Mexico for a couple of years.It has two seemingly contradictory meanings: “right now” and “in a minute.” When I first studied abroad, I found that when my host mother asked my host sister to do something “ahorita,” she jumped to attention…

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The Preterite and the Imperfect: Part 1 Posted by on Dec 9, 2007

Ah, the dreaded past tense.Once the Spanish learner comes to terms with ser and estar, they are thrown the curve ball of preterite and imperfect.Here is a quick review of the main uses of each.However, keep in mind that as with any grammar “rule” there are exceptions! The preterite is used when talking about…

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