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Common Mexican Expressions Posted by on Feb 27, 2008

In this post we will learn some words and expressions typically used in Mexican Spanish in everyday speech . Let´s take a look at them: Agüitado – sad A poco no … – I bet you didn´t .. Fresa – snob person, high class person Güera – blond (for a girl) Escuincle/escuincla – boy, girl…

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Pablo Neruda Posted by on Feb 19, 2008

As I mentioned in my Reading List the previous month, one of my favorite poets is Pablo Neruda. Originally from Parral, Chile, Neruda is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most influential poets and was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in 1971. Neruda’s poetry runs the gamut from sensual love sonnets to politically…

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Pronunciation, Natural Stress, and Written Accents Posted by on Feb 11, 2008

PART I One of the things I often noticed about my Spanish students was the difficulty they had knowing where to place the stress when pronouncing words. I don’t remember learning this explicitly in my high school Spanish classes (although I probably did) and I suppose I expected my students to intuit this aspect of…

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Refranes: Spanish Proverbs and Sayings Posted by on Feb 4, 2008

Today we will learn about “refranes” in Spanish. “Refranes” are sayings or proverbs and they are part of a country´s histoy and folklore. Below are some Spanish refranes, their correspondent in English and their literal translation. 1. El que no oye consejo no llega a viejo. (He who hears no advice will not reach an…

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