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Feeling good? Posted by on Sep 30, 2008

Hello everybody! Feeling good today? Well, I’m feeling wonderful posting a brand new tip so you can improve your Spanish. Talking about feelings, translating the verb to feel into Spanish can be a tricky business. Let’s check out how some common sentences with feel in English are translated into Spanish: 1. Feeling an emotion. Me…

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Linguistic diversity in Spain Posted by on Sep 25, 2008

Spanish is an official language spoken in Spain, but it’s not the only one. Spain has three other officially recognized languages, and around 25% of the country’s population use a language other than Spanish as their first language, although they are all fully proficient in Spanish as well. Here’s a brief look at those languages…

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Color…ish! Posted by on Sep 22, 2008

Spanish has a particular way of saying the …ish suffix when referring to colors, like whiteish, greenish, blueish, greyish, etc. The adjectives are derived in several different ways. Check it out! Blanco (white) – blanquecino/blancuzco Rojo (red) – rojizo Azul (blue) – azuláceo/azulino Amarillo (yellow) – amarillento Negro (black) – negruzco Verde (green) – verdusco/verdoso…

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By the way… Posted by on Sep 19, 2008

The expressions “by the way” and “incidentally” are called afterthoughts or offhand remarks, and in Spanish there two ways of saying them: a propósito and por cierto. Examples: – Por cierto, ¿no estás estudiando para la prueba? (By the way, aren’t you studying for the test?) – Tienen que entregarme el resumen del libro para…

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Greetings Posted by on Sep 15, 2008

Hello, everybody! Let’s learn (or review) some of the most common greetings in Spanish: Hola – Hello, Hi Hola, aló, bueno, diga, dígame – Hello (on the telephone) Adiós – Goodbye/ Chao, Chau (informal, from italian “Ciao”) Hasta luego – See you later Hasta pronto – See you soon ¿Cómo estás? / ¿Cómo está? –…

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Puerto Rican music Posted by on Sep 11, 2008

Puerto Rico is well-known for its wide range of musical talent and has provided artists like Ricky Martin, Olga Tañón, Luis Fonsi, La India, and Chayanne, just to name a few. The bomba and the plena, the salsa, and the reggaetón are some of the music genres that take over the radio stations nowadays. The…

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Mi vida loca Posted by on Sep 8, 2008

I’m a helpless internet addict and as a teacher I’m always looking for alternatives to supplement my classes. While surfing the web, I came across this course, by BBC Online, called Mi Vida Loca. It’s a mystery series and it has tons of audio, video and explanations both in English and in Spanish. There are…

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