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Spanish Lesson Intermediate 28 Conditional sentences Posted by on Jan 18, 2012

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estáis? Today, we are going to see how to construct Conditional Sentences in Spanish. The Conditional tense is broadly defined as the verb tense that is used to indicate that an action or state of being is dependent on the occurrence of a condition. The Spanish Conditional tense is known as both El…

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Idioms with the verb “llevar” Posted by on Jan 17, 2012

Llevar means “to take” or “to carry” and has several interesting idioms related to it. Let’s learn some of them today, shall we? llevar adelante – to carry something through El Gobierno llevó adelante su proyecto de ley. – The government carried through with its draft bill. Su novio la dejó pero llevó su embarazo…

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Do you believe you can speak Spanish? Posted by on Jan 16, 2012

Hey, there! How is it going? I’d like to talk to you a bit today about beliefs. Like me, you must have been brought up with the phrase “seeing is believing”, right? It always sounded very skeptical to me but now I believe that “believing is seeing”. Yes, “believing is seeing”. Some people call it…

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Interrogative Pronouns Posted by on Jan 13, 2012

Interrogative pronouns, also used as exclamative pronouns, can be variable or invariable. Take a look: Invariables: qué (what/which) – cuándo (when) – cómo (how) – dónde (where) Variables: cuál – cuáles (which one/s) – quién – quiénes (who) – cuánto/a – cuántos/as (how much/many) Here are some examples of how they’re used: Qué + noun…

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Las conjunciones coordinadas – Part 02 Posted by on Jan 12, 2012

Let’s continue studying today the coordinate conjunctions, las conjunciones coordinadas, in Spanish. 1. bien… bien – uno… otro – ora… ora – ya… ya These conjunction pairs usually express an idea of exclusion or alternation of the elements that they link and indicate that these ideas don’t occur simultaneously. Here are some examples: Bien a…

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Spanish Lesson Beginner 28 Talking about the weather in Spanish Posted by on Jan 11, 2012

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Today we will see how to describe the weather in Spanish with lots of useful Spanish vocabulary and expressions. • Hace sol: It´s sunny • Hace aire: It´s breezy • Hace (mucho) viento: It´s (very) windy • Hace (mucho) calor: It´s (very) hot • Hace (mucho) frío: It´s very cold • Hace…

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Las conjunciones coordinadas – Part 01 Posted by on Jan 10, 2012

Conjunctions are words that are used to link two terms in a clause or two clauses. Here are two examples: Juan y María son primos. (Juan and Maria are cousins.) Lo encontramos por la calle y lo invitamos a cenar. (We run into him on the street and we invited him to dinner.) In the…

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