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Beginner Spanish Review Lesson 29 Spanish indefinite pronouns and adjectives Posted by on May 27, 2013

Hola ¿Qué tal? Today we are going to practice Spanish indefinite pronouns and adjectives. These are essential Spanish words such as some, any, something, and anything. Answers to all tasks involved in this lesson will be given at the end of the post and you can also follow a link with this post to watch…

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Impersonal verbal structures in Spanish: how to use the verbs “haber” and “hacer” properly Posted by on May 24, 2013

Today we are going to review the different impersonal structures we can find in Spanish with the verbs “haber” and “hacer”, doing some easy exercises. Let´s remember their most common uses first. The verb “haber” is used: 1. As an auxiliary verb: El jefe ha llegado tarde a la reunión. Mis padres han salido a…

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How to study Spanish effectively Posted by on May 22, 2013

Even though we have the Spanish language in the title of this post it is mostly for any language or any activity you would like to do. We all know how distracting it may be when we study with our computer by our side, especially when we are using a software or doing exercises on…

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Beginner Spanish Review Lesson 28 Talking about the weather and the seasons in Spanish Posted by on May 21, 2013

Hola ¿Qué tal? Today we are going to practice how to describe the seasons and different types of weather conditions in Spanish with lots of useful Spanish weather vocabulary and phrases. Answers to all tasks involved in this lesson will be given at the end of the post and you can also follow a link…

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Spanish vocabulary: At the supermarket Posted by on May 20, 2013

Hello, there! A couple of weeks ago I talked about using the foreign language you’re learning in real situations, like going to a store and buying something, right? So today I’m going to share some very useful words for when you go to a restaurant in a Spanish speaking country. Are you ready? Remember to…

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Reviewing past tenses in Spanish with songs Posted by on May 16, 2013

Hi all! I know you have been working hard to learn Spanish verbs in past tense in some previous posts, so I think it´s a good idea to do an exercise to review them. I have chosen a song by Joaquin Sabina, and I have removed all verbs, giving you them in the infinitive form…

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Syllable division in Spanish Posted by on May 15, 2013

In Spanish syllables are made up of one (or more consonants) and a vowel: libro = li-bro suelo = sue-lo mucho = mu-cho There are some small rules to divide syllables in Spanish: 01. The clusters RR and LL are not separated. tierra = tie-rra corrida = co-rri-da calle = ca-lle olla = o-lla 02…

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