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Un Viaje Virtual a Bolivia (Parte Dos) Posted by on Aug 30, 2021

Bolivia es un país increíble para visitar. Los paisajes son hermosos y la cultura es única. Es uno de mis países favoritos a los que he viajado. (Bolivia is an incredible country to visit. The landscapes are beautiful and the culture is unique. It’s one of my favorite countries I’ve traveled to). I already introduced…

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Un Viaje Virtual a Bolivia (Parte Uno) Posted by on Aug 16, 2021

Bolivia is a fascinating country to visit. Join us on a virtual tour to learn all about it and pick up some Spanish. In part one, learn about the two capitals and get a tour of La Paz.

Carlos Raúl Villanueva: A True Architectural Genius Posted by on Jul 29, 2021

Whenever someone imagine the landscape of Venezuela’s capital city, they cannot help but think about some of the buildings developed half a century ago by one of the most prolific architects from Latin America: Carlos Raúl Villanueva, a true genius belonging to the 20th century modernist movement. Born near the Venezuelan consulate of London, England…

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Venezuela’s Natural Beauty: Región Zuliana Posted by on Jun 30, 2021

Dominating the northwestern part of Venezuela, la Región Zuliana comprises exclusively Zulia state, the most populated one in the country. Known for its cultural tradition, tropical climate and cultural diversity, the Zulian region and its capital city, Maracaibo, represent an essential piece of Venezuela’s natural and cultural landscape. The diversity of natural landscapes present in…

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Mis lugares favoritos en México Posted by on Jun 18, 2021

México es un país increíble. Tiene diversos paisajes y una cultura vibrante. (Mexico is an incredible country. It has diverse landscapes and a vibrant culture). It’s been my home away from home for the last four years or so and I’ve traveled all over the country. Hoy les voy a compartir mis lugares favoritos de…

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Venezuela’s Natural Beauty: Región Andina Posted by on May 31, 2021

Every corner of Venezuela offers plenty of special places whose landscapes are just breathtaking. And after going over the nature’s bounty that is Guayana region, the three states comprising the Andean Region—Trujillo, Mérida, and Táchira—provide the highest sceneries in the country. The longest mountain range in the world goes into Venezuela’s southwestern part and bestow…

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Venezuela’s Natural Beauty: Región Sur Posted by on May 28, 2021

“Vastness” is one of the two best nouns anyone should use to describe Venezuela’s Región Sur (Southern Region), which encompasses Bolívar and Amazonas—its two largest states, surpassing 176,000 square miles, practically half of the country’s territory as a whole. The other word perfectly suited for the South (also known as Región Guayana) is “abundance”, as…

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