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Basic Spanish: “What is this?” Posted by on Mar 29, 2016

This post will help beginner students of Spanish. One of the first things we should learn in a new language is how to ask what something is. However, there are different situations and reasons we ask “What is X?” and they require different phrases. Let’s look at the different situations to learn which phrase to use in each…

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Beginner Video 2: Introductions Posted by on Jul 21, 2010

(Note: due to YouTube’s upload size limits, these videos are split into two parts, but are the same lesson). Hola, ¿Qué tal? Today we are going to continue the theme of the last beginner level video with some more information about “Introductions”. Let´s see how to ask and say your name: ¿Cómo te llamas?: What’s…

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