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Prefixes: Where Spanish and English Go Hand in Hand (Part 1) Posted by on Nov 26, 2021

If there is an aspect where Spanish and English truly match, it is the fact that both languages make extensive use of affixes to change the meaning of established words in a logical way. Specifically in the case of prefixes, the long-standing influence of Latin and Greek has left a notable mark in our modern…

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New Year’s Resolution – Learn Spanish Posted by on Jan 15, 2018

New Year's Resolution - Learn Spanish

¿Cuál es su propósito de Año Nuevo? (What is your New Year’s resolution?) I’m sure your answer is, “Mi resolución de Año Nuevo es aprender español” (My New Year’s resolution is to learn Spanish.” The beginning of the year is a time that many people resolve to learn a new language. Unfortunately, many give up…

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