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Partying in Latin America: Las Fiestas Posted by on Aug 27, 2020

We’re keeping things fun here on the Spanish blog this month. Be sure to check out the posts about partying in Spanish and Carnaval if you missed them. Hoy voy a escribir sobre las fiestas en América Latina (Today I’m going to write about the parties in Latin America). In my travels across the region…

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Partying in Latin America: el Carnaval Posted by on Aug 19, 2020

Most Popular Spanish Songs of 2018

Esta semana iba a llevarte a otro viaje virtual (This week I was going to take you on another virtual trip). I think I’ll save that for next month, though, because Laura’s recent post about Partying in Spanish inspired me to go a different direction today! Soy un noctámbulo (I’m a night owl), so I…

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