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Archive for July, 2009

Ticks and Lyme Disease Posted by on Jul 31, 2009

It’s summer in Sweden. And that means, among many other, much more pleasant things, also this – ticks. Yes, ticks. Fästingar, as they’re called in Swedish. Those nasty little creatures and the diseases they cause are no laughing matter. And if you are spending your summers in Sweden, sooner or later you, or your pets…

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sweden Posted by on Jul 28, 2009

Believe it or not, but I know a person who actually said that Sweden was a very boring country. She claims that apart from Stockholm, there is absolutely nothing interesting worth visiting here. Unfortunately, her point of view is shared by the many foreign travel writers who bang out mediocre stories about Stockholm and think…

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Ordinal Numbers – Ordningstal Posted by on Jul 25, 2009

Let’s talk about numbers today. I know, I know, another boring topic. But unfortunately, an important topic. And judging from the number of mistakes I hear when it comes to numbers (yes, I’m trying to be clever here), also a necessary one. You see, Swedish numbers appear to be deceptively similar to English. So similar,…

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Things That May Surprise You When Moving to Sweden Posted by on Jul 21, 2009

Because all of your comments under the post about “Culture Shock When Moving to Sweden” were so great, and because that entry is proving to be quite popular, I thought it might be useful for those planning a move to Sweden to list all the major points you have mentioned in there. And because there…

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Svenska för invandrare – Swedish for Immigrants Program Posted by on Jul 18, 2009

So, how’s your summer coming along? Having fun? I know that quite a few of you are contemplating a post-summer move to Sweden and have many questions regarding this process. I’ve already started covering some of the most basic issues, most recently – how to read apartment ads, and a while back there was a…

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