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The Swedish national anthem: Du gamla, du fria Posted by on Jun 30, 2010

These World Cup-times have made me think about national anthems and what they reflect of our countries. Since I don’t speak Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese or any of the other languages, I have no clue what so ever what the players are singing out there on the pitch (I do get really annoyed when they DON’T sing…) but I am still…

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The Swedish provinces: Götaland Posted by on Jun 29, 2010

After a Midsummer’s weekend filled with “Helan går”, herring and homesickness, let’s get back to business and end our journey through the Swedish provinces. The third and final region is Götaland, known as the south part and consists of the provinces Blekinge, Bohuslän, Dalsland, Halland, Skåne, Småland, Västergötland, Östergötland, Gotland och Öland. 16. Östergötland is…

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Summer Vacation in Sweden Posted by on Jun 28, 2010

Jennie did a wonderful job of describing the Midsummer tradition here in Sweden.  The longest day of the year is celebrated (albeit not always on the actual day but still…) with relish in a country that is enveloped in darkness for much of the winter. But once Midsummer comes and goes, the nights start getting…

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Midsummer’s Eve: The essentials Posted by on Jun 25, 2010

Midsummer’s Eve is finally here and all over Sweden this big occasion is celebrated in various ways. But there are a few essentials you’ll need to make the celebration complete. The decorations (dekorationerna): A handmade daisy chain (blomsterkrans) is today’s signature piece, all kids and women (mostly) wear them. They are easily (ehm, kind of…)…

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Posted by on Jun 24, 2010

Picture the following scenario: Who: You and a whole bunch of friends Where: In someone’s big summerhouse on an island in the Swedish archipelago When: Midsummer’s eve It’s bright and early on Midsummer’s Eve. You are woken up by the sun who gently strokes you with its warmth. Or perhaps it was the little bird…

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The Swedish provinces: Svealand Posted by on Jun 23, 2010

A few last and final words before we leave the huge royal wedding success behind: My god, wasn’t it absolutely brilliant? I know, I have gone on and on about it so I will stop right now and move on to the slightly broader subject of geography and provinces. Today: Svealand – the middle part of…

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Länge leve brudparet! Posted by on Jun 19, 2010

They said ja! A big grattis and hurra hurra hurra hurra to H K H Kronprinsessan Victora and H K H Prins Daniel! (Picture from www.aftonbladet.se)

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