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How fast can you eat 25 hot dogs? In Swedish. Posted by on Sep 30, 2013

Prepositions are hard. They’re hard in English. They’re hard in Swedish. They’re just hard. They can be used in so many different ways and mean so many different things. There are pages and pages of rules. It’s kind of exhausting and overwhelming. And now that we’ve got all that negative stuff out of the way…

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Drunken Moose and Swedish Months Posted by on Sep 27, 2013

Maybe you saw the news from a month ago. Radio Sweden released a short report about a gang of drunken moose tormenting Swedes. (You can click here for the original.) It was picked up by plenty of news agencies here in the US and categorized under the “Weird” news section in plenty of places. It’s…

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Gör din egen äppelmos – make your own applesauce Posted by on Sep 19, 2013

The season of apples has come again. Trees fill with fruit that gradually ripen on those sunny fall days and people turn their faces towards the sun and remember the summer that passed all too quickly. All of a sudden the rain starts falling and people hurry to pick their apples before they rot. Buckets…

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Making friends as an adult in Sweden Posted by on Sep 17, 2013

Friends are something universal right? No matter if you are American, Swedish, Danish or Japanese you have your close circle of friends and then there are the other people you enjoy spending time with now and again who you call acquaintances. But when did you actually meet your close friends? This is something that has…

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