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Bangkok Video (Part Two) Posted by on Jun 14, 2011

For day two in Bangkok, join me on a temple hopping cruise with stops at Wat Indrawiharn and Wat Phra Kaew. Next up, cruise over to Chinatown to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes as people gear up for Chinese New Year. Finally, a stop on the legendary Khao San Road for drinks and street…

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The real way to say something tastes good in Thai Posted by on Jun 13, 2011

When we go out to eat, or eat over at a friend’s place, often times we’ll be asked ‘how is the food?’ If the food tastes good, the answer is easy. But what if it doesn’t and you find yourself in a moral battle between honesty and politeness? How do you respond to this question…

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Losing Face Posted by on Jun 11, 2011

The concept of ‘losing face’ and ‘saving face’ (เสียหน้า sia5 naa3) will take you years to get used to, particular because western culture frowns upon it. But if you are going to keep your mental sanity from the constant attacks of cultural shock, and wish to truly integrate yourself into Thai society, you must both…

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Bangkok Video (Part One) Posted by on Jun 4, 2011

You’ve read about my trip to Bangkok… now see it! This first video features a trip to the Chatuchak weekend market, a cruise down the Chao Phraya River, and a nightcap at the Moon Bar at Vertigo with fantastic views of Bangkok.

The Way of the Wai Posted by on Jun 2, 2011

I’m will assume that my readers know what the Wai is, the motion where you clasp your hands in a praying motion to say ‘hello’. At least, that’s what you are told when you first come to Thailand. However that’s very much an oversimplification, to the point of being almost completely wrong. It’s actual a…

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