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Archive for October, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Kit Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 28, 2011

As the floods slowly move onto Bangkok, Facebook has been filling up with information about the floods. As I grew up in the US, emergency preparedness was something you learned since childhood. To us, it’s really just common sense. Although massive flooding happens every year in Thailand, Bangkok floods only about once every 10-15 years.…

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A Flood of Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 27, 2011

Given the considerable amount of media attention on the very serious flooding that’s going on as I’m writing this, it would be very useful for you to communicate your thoughts on flooding in Thai.

Provinces in Thailand Posted by on Oct 26, 2011

There are 77 provinces (jung1wat2 จังหวัด) in Thailand . . . actually, considering the large concentrated Thai population in Los Angeles, many joke LA is the 78th province of Thailand.

Geography of Thailand Part4 Posted by on Oct 25, 2011

The central region is mainly Bangkok (กรุงเทพฯ, grung2 thep3) and the outlying cities such as Ayutthaya (อยุธยา, aa2 yu4 ta2 yaa2). As it’s a port city with a major international airport, the economic powerhouse, and the center of the centralist government, it is of course the largest city in the country. Residents of this region…

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Geography of Thailand Part3 Posted by on Oct 24, 2011

Southern Thailand is the least populous region of Thailand. It’s mainly a thin vertical stretch of land, surrounded by amazing beaches on both sides. Although the south has it’s own Thai dialect of fast-talkers, large numbers of central-dialect people from …

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