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Jive Talking – The Language of Jazz Posted by on Sep 23, 2016


“Jazz is known all over the world as an American musical art form and that’s it. No America, no jazz.” Arthur (Art) Blakey, aka Abdullah Ibn Buhaina, American jazz drummer and bandleader. Many would argue that jazz is the most quintessential American musical form. Born out of the African American communities in the late 19th…

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Great American Cities – Portland Posted by on Sep 15, 2016

Mt. Hood

From Seattle, we’re traveling less than 200 miles to our next Great American City – Portland. A city that’s proud of being green, artistic, and weird, it’s certainly one of the most interesting cities in the country. Name – Unlike some of the cities we’ve covered so far, there isn’t really an interesting story behind…

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Homonyms: The Scourge of the English Language Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

Words, especially English words, can drive you crazy. Let me explain…

In spite of technological advances, which have made the life of the modern writer so much easier, sometimes even the most sophisticated software program is of no help whatsoever. Writers can format, layout, and review their work almost instantaneously. Spell check is like having an extra pair of eyes on the page at all times.…

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At the Bookstore – Children’s Literature Posted by on Sep 2, 2016

Browse through the Children's Literature section of your bookstore.

If you are looking for a specific book, or even just something you’d like to read, it helps to know the various categories that bookstores use for shelving their products. Almost every store has three main categories of books in different locations on the sales floor – Nonfiction, Fiction, and Children’s. You will then find…

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Exploring the Biltmore Estate Posted by on Aug 29, 2016

The beautiful Biltmore Estate.

The Biltmore Estate is one of the most famous homes in the United States. This beautiful mansion is a great example of the Gilded Age and is a very popular place to visit. Take a tour of the famous Biltmore Estate in this short video. Then, answer a few questions about it and study the…

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