Declension of Third Person Reflexive Pronouns and Interrogative Pronouns

Posted on 24. Jan, 2010 by in Latin Language

The first part of this post will be about the declension of third person reflexive pronouns.

Nom : –

Gen : suī

Dat : sibi

Acc : , sēsē

Abl : , sēsē

Voc : –

Just a little note here that the third person reflexive pronouns always refer back to the subject whether it be singular or plural. Examples of third person reflexive pronouns are: himself/herself/itself/oneself/themselves.

The second part of this post will be on interrogative pronouns, or words like “who?” and “what?”

In the masculine and feminine singular, “what?” is declined as follows:

Nom : quis

Gen : cuius

Dat : cui

Acc : quem

Abl : quō

Voc : –

In the neuter singular, “what?” is declined as follows:

Nom : quid

Gen : cuius

Dat : cui

Acc : quid

Abl : quō

Voc : -

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