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Hobbitvs Ille: Part II Posted by on Oct 29, 2018

Salvete Omnes, Here is the first translation portion of last month’s homework. Homework It is from the beginning of Hobbitvs Ille: in foramine terrae habitabat *hobbitus: nec foedum,sordidum madidumque foramen, nec extremis lumbricorum atque odore caenoso impletum, nec etiam foramen aridum, inane, harenosum, in quo nihil erat ad considendum aut edendum aptum; immo foramen-hobbitum, ergo commodum. Vocabulary:…

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Hobbitvs Ille: Part I Posted by on Aug 31, 2018

Salvete Omnes, I hope you have reviewed the previous blog posts for basic noun and verbs as well as some prepositions: Verbs  Nouns Part I  Nouns Part II Nouns Part III & Adjectives Imperfect Active Indicative The last thing we are going to review before translating is the Imperfect Tense of Verbs: The imperfect active…

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Nouns & Adjectives Posted by on Jul 30, 2018

Salvete Omnes! This month’s blog will be talking about 1st/2nd declension adjectives and 2nd declension neuter nouns. The answer’s to last month’s homework are at the bottom of the page. The purpose of reviewing these forms is to prepare us for next month’s in-depth passage translation from “Ille Hobbitus.” 2nd Declension Neuter Noun like somni-um, i…

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Basic Nouns: Part II Posted by on Jun 29, 2018

×Review of last month’s homework: Translate from Latin to English Coquus aulam filiarum portat. = The cook carries the daughters’ pot.   Tu clamas, aulas celo. = You are shouting, I hide the pots.  Cur me times? = Why are you fearful of me? Why are you afraid of me?  Coronas et aulas coqui celant sub scaena. =…

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Back to Basics: Nouns Posted by on May 28, 2018

Salvete Omnes! Let’s jump right in. Last week’s homework answers are below: Translate from Latin to English clamas = you shout  es = you are  times = you are afraid  habetis =you guys are holding/having  Uocant =They call Translate from English to Latin It has =habet They enter =intrant You (s.) are afraid =times I do hide =Celo We…

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