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Arabic Adverbs (Part 1) Posted by on Sep 6, 2009

Adverbs modify verbs. They give extra information about the manner, time, frequency of performing a certain action. Typically, adverbs in Arabic end in (تنوين الفتح), e.g.جداً ، كثيراً ، قليلاً ، دائماً etc. أدرس كثيراً قبل الامتحان. “I study a lot before exams.” لا نأكل كثيراً في الإفطار. “We do not eat a lot at…

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Usage of different Arabic particles Posted by on Sep 3, 2009

I got a query recently about the usage of different particles that are made up of one letter only, e.g. ف، ل، ك، ب. In this post, I give some examples of their different uses. First of all, it should be noted that any particle that is made up of one letter only cannot stand…

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Expressing Similarity in Arabic with Like or As Posted by on Sep 1, 2009

Following my previous post about comparison, I received a question about how to express similarity in Arabic, and Niji contributed the answer. In this post, I explain more about similarity in Arabic. There are 2 particles that we can use to express similarity, i.e. (كـ) and (مثل). Both of them mean ‘like’ or ‘as’, and…

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