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The subjunctive case in Arabic Posted by on Oct 10, 2009

In previous the post, I started to explain the case marking system (الإعراب) of the present/imperfect tense. By default, present tense verbs take short /o/ (الضمة), and this case is called (المضارع المرفوع). However, there is another case which is called the subjunctive (المضارع المنصوب); in which verbs take short /a/ (الفتحة), and if the…

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Case marking of the imperfect in Arabic Posted by on Oct 6, 2009

In previous posts, I explained the case marking system (الإعراب) of nouns and adjectives. I also explained adverbs in other posts. In this post; I start to discuss the case marking of present tense/imperfect. Just like nouns and adjectives, verbs take special vowels and suffixes to mark their case. The choice of the appropriate case…

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Arabic Vocabulary: Parts of the Body Posted by on Oct 4, 2009

In this post, I provide some vocabulary that can be useful when talking about parts of the body. The list is not comprehensive, but it includes the major parts from head to foot. If you would like to learn other parts, please post your question in a comment, I will be happy to provide the…

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