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Egyptian Proverbs (1) أمثال مصرية Posted by on Jun 27, 2011

         Arabic proverbs reflect the beauty of the Arabic Language and the wisdom of the Arabs and their culture. In Egypt, these proverbs are part of everyone’s daily routine. There is not one single situation that would not have the perfect proverb tailored for it. Just for the sake of fun, I am going to…

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Specialized dictionaries online Posted by on Jun 24, 2011

It is very hard to find the translations of specialized English terms into Arabic. In this post, I present a link to a website that contains some specialized dictionaries in different fields. I have tested it with a number of terms, and it seems to be fine. I hope you find it useful. It…

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Vocabulary for CV writing Posted by on Jun 20, 2011

Writing a CV (السيرة الذاتية) in Arabic can be a very useful thing to do if you consider working in the Middle East. It can impress some employers in case knowledge of Arabic is required for the job. In this post, I present some useful expressions that you can use to write your CV in…

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This Day in History: Mohammad Mitwally Al-Sha’raawy Posted by on Jun 17, 2011

Mohammad Mitawlly Al-Sha’raawy محمد متولي الشعراوى        Like today and on June 17th 1998, the great Egyptian Muslim jurist الفقيه and scholar العَالِم Mohammad Mitawlly Al-Shara’awy passed away. He had a widespread popularity that he was nicknamed the “The Preacher of the Century داعية القرن ” and “The Imam of All Preachers إمام الدعاة “…

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Fisal’s Dictionary: كتب Posted by on Jun 13, 2011

Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb كتب   and explore some of its derivatives. * كَتـَبَ    [V. T.] = to write, e.g. Ali wrote a letter كتب علىٌ خطاباً *  كَتـَبَ الكِتابَ   =  to write…

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Iranian Americans: Maz Jobrani ماز جُبرانى Posted by on Jun 12, 2011

        Maziar (Maz) Jobrani was born on February 26, 1972 in Tehran, Iran. He and his parents moved to California when he was six years old. He was raised in Tiburon in the san Francisco Bay area. He attended Redwood High School in Larkspur where he caught the acting bug after portraying the lead in…

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Famous Cities : Cairo القاهرة /Al-Qaahira/ Posted by on Jun 7, 2011

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is also the largest city in Egypt and in all Africa. Its Arabic name القاهرة /Al-Qahira/ literally means ” The Conqueror” as it has conquered all invaders along history. It has the nickname of “The City of the Thousand Minarets مدينة الألف مئذنة “. Cairo is also one…

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