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Interrogative Particles (Part 2) أدوات الاستفهام Posted by on Oct 19, 2011

        Last time, we were introduced to the Wh-question particles; (Interrogative Adverbs). Today we will be introduced to the second type; the Yes/No-question particles. In Arabic, there are two ways of asking a question that needs a yes/no-answer.  These two particles are  هَلْ /hal/ and the Hamza أ /aa/ which are both equal to all the…

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Interrogative Particles (Part 1) أدوات الاستفهام Posted by on Oct 17, 2011

Today we are going to learn about the question particles in Arabic. The particles of today are equivalent to the Wh-question particles; (Interrogative Adverbs) in English. These particles are considered Mabni words (or Mabni Nouns) as they don’t change pronunciation. Question particles should always start the question sentence and can only be preceded by…

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Love in Arabic Posted by on Oct 15, 2011

      Love الحُبُّ is a universal feeling. It is one of the most common themes of the creative arts. It has  been a fertile topic for poets الشعراء , novelists الروائيين , cinema makers and even philosophers الفلاسفة . They all tried hard to discuss and analyze it from different angles. Love is an emotion…

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The 1973 War حرب السادس من أكتوبر Posted by on Oct 7, 2011

       Yesterday was, and is still, a very remarkable day in the modern حديث history of Egypt. On   Saturday the 6th of October, 1973 Egypt and Syria launched a massive surprise attack هجوم on the Israeli forces in the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. The war is also known as the Ramadan War as…

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