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Coffee القَهْوة and Tea الشَّاي in Arab Culture Posted by on Oct 23, 2019

Whether they call it Turkish or Arabic coffee, both refer to the same method of coffee preparation. The ground beans are boiled in a special pot called إبْريق ibreeq. The coffee is boiled with sugar and sometimes cardamom هَيل hail then served in a small cup called فِنْجان finjan and allowed to sit for a…

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Special Fruits in the Middle East Posted by on Oct 9, 2019

In this post, we’ll be learning a little about five of the common fruits فاكِهة grown in the Middle East, how to say them in Arabic, their significance أهَمية, and what they symbolize يَرمُز . Figs  تِّين  teen Figs have been growing in the Middle East since pre-historic times. According to the Quran, fruits like figs…

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The Lebanese Dabke رقصة الدبكة اللبنانية Posted by on Oct 8, 2019

The Greek have the Zorba, the Russian have the Kalinka, and we have the Dabke. If there is one thing that the Lebanese people can agree on, it’s the Dabke. Dabke is a traditional form of dancing in line holding hands preformed on weddings or joyous occasions that dates many centuries back. Dabke is a…

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